:: Drink in Montreal: Bagg Taverne

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July 3, 2009

The neighborhood bar is, of course, not just for those that live nearby, though the locals certainly do tend to spend a lot of time there. Neighborhood bars do however always feature a comfortable, unpretentious atmosphere, a friendly bartender or two and a commitment to keeping their drinks reasonably priced.

Bagg Taverne, located in the Montreal neighborhood of Mile End, is just this type of place. Being a person who likes this kind of spot (I think I might have one in every neighborhood in the city), I swung by during their opening night to take a look…


Bagg Taverne is a comfortable little spot on Fairmount (a couple blocks from Fairmount Bagels), just east of St-Laurent. Frédéric Authier, the bar’s manager, calls it “a cozy little tavern”. His assessment is accurate- it is small, but well designed and a bit classier than that bar in the TV show Cheers.

In fact, the space used to be occupied by a great wine bar called Bouchonné (which has since moved around the corner) and the new place has retained some of its upscale charm. But don’t let it fool you, the main draw of Bagg Taverne is their wide selection of beers (go for the big bottle!), home made bar snacks, free foosball (known as “Babyfoot” in Quebec), and if there’s soccer, hockey or football to be watched, sports a-plenty.


All in all, a nice addition to the neighborhood. If you go there soon, you might even become a regular before the locals do.Bagg Taverne, (514) 277-2226, 9 Fairmount East.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Sykes


2 Respostas to “:: Drink in Montreal: Bagg Taverne”

  1. Vera novembro 4, 2014 às 16:54 #

    Rodrigo voce ainda estah em Montreal?

    • Rodrigo VF novembro 5, 2014 às 05:11 #

      Vera, estou de volta ao Brasil, não sei quando eu volto!
      Eu ainda acompanho o que acontece em Montreal. Por que? Vc precisa de alguma coisa?

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