:: Montreal’s Best Irish Pubs

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September 8, 2009

The Irish pubs of Montreal are some of my favourite places to experience the city’s nightlife scene. Though this city may be home to a wealth of high-end spots to get fancy cocktails, if you’re looking for a simple, friendly place to get a pint of beer and some great pub food, Montreal has you covered…


You may be surprised to learn the extent of Montreal’s connection to Ireland. When the Great Irish Famine hit the Emerald Isle, large numbers of Irish immigrants made their way to the new world, many of whom settled both in Montreal and the surrounding area. Many of them became the laborers who helped build the Lachine Canal and the Victoria Bridge, but they also became involved politics and publishing.

It’s perhaps not all that surprising that they were received well by the French Canadians – both groups were Catholic and both groups (this part is largely anecdotal) enjoy a good drink, song and a party. For proof, look no further than Montreal’s annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade, which was established in 1824 and remains one of the largest in the world (not to mention, a heck of a good time).

As someone named Brendan Murphy, who has both Canadian and Irish citizenship, I feel I am perfectly suited to be your guide to some of the city’s best Irish Pubs…


McKibbin’s Irish Pub: A very authentic slice of Ireland located in downtown Montreal (where the majority of the city’s Irish pubs are located). Boasting three separate bars, this spot is always jumping and is standing room only on St. Patty’s. 1426 rue Bishop, H3G 2E6, (514) 288-1580‎

Hurley’s Irish Pub: A personal favourite, Hurley’s is a darkly lit, winding labyrinth of small rooms and intimate seats tucked into secluded corners. They’ve got great draft beers on tap, including some harder-to-find varieties like Murphy’s and Harp, and their food is delicious and wholly authentic. Try the Guinness beef stew. 225 rue Crescent, H3G 2B1, (514) 861-4111‎

The Old Dublin: Great live music and 50 different single malts. I think that covers it. 636 Cathcart, H3B 1L9, (514) 861-4448‎

Mclean’s: This is largely just your standard pub, but with a draft list which has over 17 different types and includes some Irish faves, it deserves a mention. And hey, pool, poker and wing nights are universally beloved. 1210 rue Peel, H3B 2T6, (514) 392-7770‎

Irish Embassy: A relative newcomer to the pub scene, this large, sprawling spot boasts a sleek yet comfortable décor and huge flat screen TVs everywhere. They’ve got a great patio, very popular 5-a-7s and food that ranges from pub grub to the more fancy daily specials. 1234 rue Bishop, H3G 2E3, (514) 875-8777‎

Ye Olde Orchard: If you’re looking for something in a different neighbourhood, Ye Olde Orchard, located in the up-and-coming Monkland Village, is the spot for you. A very popular meeting spot, this pub boasts a very fun staff, a good beer selection and above-average food.5563 avenue De Monkland, H4A 1E1, (514) 484-1569‎


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